Bulk Rates

When buying park equipment or playground accessories in large quantities, prices are negotiable.

Playground Equipment Bulk Purchasing

Stretching Your Dollar

Because we understand the inherent cost advantages that come from economies of scale, we fully support offering our commercial playground customers a lower price per unit in exchange for purchasing much larger quantities. This allows the customer to satisfy more of his demands at a lower total cost by acquiring more use value per dollar spent.

Freight Rates

Freight charges are always a point of contension and can sometimes make or break the deal. Especially considering the higher the freight charges, the less playground equipment you can buy. However, freight companies are not the evil monsters they are made out to be! Because they, too give discounts for moving large quantities, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to save money on your playground structures and other equipment. An example: Imagine you are ordering a large tube slide. The pieces cannot fit inside one another, so the freight is going to be pricey. Now imagine you also ordered playground borders to contain your playground mulch and maybe a few swing set accessories. With these smaller products included in the order, the gaps and empty spaces in the playground slide can now be utilized for shipping more playground equipment! It is as easy as that.

What Equipment Should I Buy In Bulk?

While it is fairly easy to save by large quantity purchases, sometimes it is difficult to plan for the future. We have taken some of the guess work out of it for you, so you will have some ideas in mind for your bulk purchases. Playground Safety Surfacing is probably the single, most effective way to save money by buying in bulk. The cost in freight for small loads can sometimes even exceed the cost of the playground mulch itself! Buying more cubic yards than you "need" will not just lower your one-time expense, but it will last longer than buying less mulch. Plus, added safety for large fall heights is always a bonus! Other than the huge savings on playground mulch, here are some more freight-saving and in turn, money saving bulk buying ideas:

Our Bottom Line

We want you to get a great deal. We want you to enjoy shopping and we want the children to enjoy our products. So even if the play equipment you are looking at is a bit out of budget, give us a call and see if there is anything we can do to work with you on the price. We also offer leasing options to better help you get the playground equipment you are looking for.