Merry Go Round Nostalgia

Who doesn't have fond memories of this classic-style playground merry-go-round spinner? The allure of this sweet playground toy has never and will never go out of style. Merry-go-rounds offer endless hours of playground enjoyment while promoting socialization, imagination and pure pleasure. Additionally, the playground merri-go-round presents the scientific laws of gravity, inertia, and centrifugal motion in a memorable and kinetic way that kids will never forget!

Merry-Go-Round Safety

Although merry-go-rounds have gotten a bad rap in the past, a number of precautions have been put into place to increase the safety of construction and usability of these exciting playground toys. Several models, for example, sport a speed control governor so the kids don't get out of hand in ramping up the speed. In addition to speed safety concerns, all models of our playground merri-go-rounds come standard with commercial powder-coating for safety and protection against weathering and extreme temperature concerns.

Playground Carousel Safety Surfacing

Concerns for falls or uneven safety surfacing can be easily rectified by opting for solid safety surfacing beneath these structures, as opposed to loose -fill options such as mulch, sand or pea gravel. Solid safety surfacing such as rubber poured in place, rubber safety tiles, or artificial turf are all fantastic choices to provide solid resistance to the degradation and displacement to which loose-fill surfaces are susceptible.

Commercial Merry-Go-Round Construction

Heavy duty construction for commercial use, our durable twirling playground spinners are made of strong perforated steel decks and hand rails are professionally covered with protective thermoplastic coating to protect your playground investment and provide your facility with exciting play for generations to come. Available in multiple colors and color schemes to choose from and are often purchased in multiple sizes and colors for each school or public park playground!