Single Post Swing Sets

Single Post Swings for Churches & Daycares

This is great for customers whose main concern is the footprint of the playground. Adding a commercial swing set to your existing playground equipment can be a complex and expensive endeavor. But rest assured, whether you are looking to add a classic style swing set to a small church or home daycare, or you are buying for several schools or parks in your district, we have the perfect commercial swing set options for you! Single post swing sets are particularly attractive to customers who don't have a lot of ground space. Although the use zone is calculated with the same formula no matter the frame style, the single post swing set minimizes obstacles and thus, optimizes the amount of unobstructed play space. Post swing sets also are the least visually obtrusive swing set design which is desirable for elite housing developments.

What The Heck Is a Swing Set "Bay"?

When we use the term "bay" in commercial playground terms, we are referring to the number of 2-seat sections which are separated by a post. Available in a multitude of heights, post sizes, colors and numbers of swing seats, our 8' H 2-Bay (meaning four swing seats) is one of our best sellers. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate multiple children at one time. Sizes range from:

Custom Upright Post Swing Sets

Because our single post swingset systems can be customized to your exact needs, you have lots of choices and lots of input into what your final product will be. Will you have the frame powder-coated in blue and the belt swings in yellow to match your school colors? Maybe you want to have all bucket toddler swings with plastisol dipped chains to protect little fingers from pinches. You may be planning to match your new post swing set with other existing playground equipment. Our single post swingsets are even available without swing seats, which is great for clients who already have specialty swings such as wheelchair swing platforms or net swings for autism therapy. Looking for a single post swingset for toddlers? Due to overwhelming popularity, our Toddler Swing Sets can now be found in a separate category to make shopping even more convenient!

Single Post Swingsets & Fitness Equipment Saves You Money!

Swing sets and other commercial playground equipment are many times very expensive to ship, so smart playground equipment design, means cost effective shipping dimensions. With our single post swing sets and our single post fitness trail equipment, your get the most bang for your buck because the upright post design:

Still Struggling with Single Post Swingset Options?

We know there are all kinds of commercial swingsets available on the web and comparing apples to apples can be a real challenge. When it comes to our single post swing sets or any other style swing sets for sale, we would love to help clear up any confusion and match you with the right swingset for your needs. So please, give us a call at 800.242.0039 and we would love to help you iron out the details and match you with just the size, style and type of swingset that will best fit your needs!