Commercial Swing Set Accessories

Pretty much every commercial playground we see also has a commercial swing set. Have you ever wondered why swing sets are so desirable to kids and adults? Mothers know instinctively; rhythmic rocking and swinging is the fastest way to calm a person down.

Swingset Therapy for Autistic Children

Playground swing set research has found that children with various autism spectrum disorders have realized great benefits from using swingsets as part of their therapy. Disorders known to benefit from playground swing set therapy are:

  • High Functioning Autism
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Proprioceptive Dysfunction Disorder
  • Tactile System Sensitivities such as Tactile Defensiveness and Dysfunction Disorders
  • Although our playground equipment customers are not necessarily treating children for these heart-breaking childhood disorders, offering the children in your facility a recess play event that might bring added therapeutic relaxation is a value added bonus when selecting you park or preschool playground equipment.

    Swingsets Restore Balance, Relaxation & Concentration

    The proprioceptive input or deep pressure resulting from the motion of typical single axis playground swing sets is used to treat autistic-spectrum children. By restoring balance to the vestibular system, every child has the potential to achieve the same soothing motion of our commercial swing sets to relax them and even increase their concentration.

    Playground Swing Set Fitness

    With energy to burn, kids are always looking for challenging ways to create play. Swing sets offer the excitement of flying through the air while engaging children in a healthy cardiovascular exercise. Think of a swing set as the perfect complement to our fitness play equipment. In addition to burning calories playground swing sets engage upper and lower body muscle groups, particularly the quadriceps, hamstrings, triceps, biceps and entire upper torso. Regular use of swing sets can build muscular endurance in the connective tissues of the knees and hips as well. Spring riders are another therapeutically beneficial component to park playground equipment and they are certainly worth exploring.

    Encouraging Communicative Skills with Swing Sets

    Swingsets have proven their value as therapeutic interventions for autistic disorders by providing non-threatening the environments of outdoor play structures and activities that the children thoroughly enjoy. Swinging often encouraging communication and social interaction even in the most timid introverts simply because the child is inundated with an overwhelming pleasure that is natural to want to share with other people. This provides a unique path to desensitization for many shy children.

    Vestibular Input of Commercial Swing Sets

    Studies have shown us that slow & gentle, rhythmic swinging from a single hung point decreases stress chemicals the fastest. This motion is known as vestibular input and it is the strongest of the brain stem sensations and lasts the longest in the brain chemical release. Swinging on a playground swing set is the ideal source of Vestibular input. These swing sets are simplistically designed where the swing is hung from a single point, which inherently gives the child stronger, longer lasting and more effective vestibular input. There is even evidence suggesting that committing just 15 minutes to playground swing sets can have beneficial effects that last up to 8 hours in the central nervous system! Experts treating highly recommend swinging for at least two 15 minute sessions a day one first thing in the a.m. and again in the afternoon. This will help give the calming and organized vestibular input that is needed to help keep an individual responding to sensory input appropriately. May help to swing and rock gently before bedtime as well if sleeping is a problem.

    By incorporating a commercial swing set into your school playgrounds, the children in your facility may enjoy the same relaxation and concentration benefits. Swing sets have been paramount in helping children who have trouble focusing on mathematics or reading comprehension by engaging their bodies in a soothing motion to quell their distractions and anxieties.