Tire Swingsets

Get Your Playground Rolling With Tire Swings!

Classic swing sets are often quite an investment of both play space and money for play area surfacing. But a tire swing bay can accommodate multiple children for swinging fun. Give children at your playground a new twist on an old favorite with any of our commercial tire swing selections.

Educational Benefits

As the children play on this attraction, they will learn valuable balancing skills, as well as social skills that can help them later in life. You have the option of ordering one tire swing seat for a smaller playground or up to four tire seats for a larger playground.

Tire Swing Specs & Construction

Framing up your Tire Swing: The durable arch structure provides a sturdy frame for your commercial tire swing. Tire swings benefit from the extended width of the frame as it gives children plenty of room to swing in any direction: from side to side, forward and backward or in a circle.

Commercial grade tire swing hardware is a key element to a lasting tire swing set. We offer various tire swivels for increased customer confidence in the durability of these heavy duty tire swings. Three chains connect the tire to the tire swivel, forming a triangle near the upper crossbeam. This helps the tire swing to stay balanced - even when only one child uses it. The chains can be made of galvanized steel, or upgraded to fully coated plastisol dip, half-coated plastisol dip or even encased in a soft-grip sleeve for additional protection for little finger to avoid swing chain pinches.

Tire swing tires themselves are also customizable. You can choose from horizontal or vertical hanging vinyl tires, which put a new "spin" on the tire swing set. Also available in a variety of colors, we offer factory sealed rotomolded plastic tires which eliminate the issues of standing water and / or insects that may be a problem inside an open tire. And for the traditionalists, we have the classic rubber tire but have upped the ante by offering sprint cup racing tires that have actually done their time on the race track!

Tire Swing Set Overload

If this is all too much information to take in, just call our friendly and knowledgeable playground sales consultants who are happy to help match you with just the tire swing set up you are looking for. Call Custom Playground Equipment now at 800-242-0039