Park Equipment

Park Equipment

For most of us, it is a challenge to find affordable, commercial-grade park equipment especially when we are on time constraints coupled with budget restrictions. Custom Playground Equipment understands and empathizes with your search for quality park and site amenities that fit your needs perfectly. That's why we are here to make your purchasing process go as smoothly as possible. With our diverse selection of classic park equipment offerings, we hope to provide you with just what your organization is looking for and delivering your order quickly and accurately so you can shift your attention to the larger focuses of your organization and leave your park equipment needs to us.

As professionals in the commercial park equipment industry, we can effectively and efficiently aid in your buying decisions and see the whole process through, ensuring that you are both pleased and underwhelmed at the amount of oversight needed of you. We are here to take care of your park equipment needs and are happy to help by way of answering questions, getting you quick quotes so you can present information to your decision-making boards in a quick, easy manner. Yes, we get that the processes involved within your organization can seem cumbersome, but with our understanding comes expertise that is sure to help you along the way. We either actively provide or can access exactly the products you need to complete your new project or to repair, replace or improve your existing park equipment needs.

Selecting Proper Park Furniture

Beyond affordability, availability and usability, your ideal site furnishings should meet or exceed a few simple criteria. Look for park equipment that will provide the best return on your financial investment. This may seem obvious, but your investment goes beyond just the initial dollars investment. Think lowest maintenance, highest quality and longest lasting and then you have a clear understanding of your best investment. Custom playground equipment understands and has already considered these critical elements of park furniture purchasing and offers only the highest quality products in keeping with these buyer investment guidelines. So you can be sure that the park and site furnishings offered are made of durable, commercial-grade materials and are designed to withstand the use and abuse that you have in mind when incorporated into your facility grounds.

Our park equipment, park benches, picnic tables, etc. are all constructed of durable materials that are:

Park & Site Furnishings

Furnishing your community center or public park is a bit of an art. Although it might seem like you can just throw a bench here and there and a few trash cans, there is actually more to consider than the aesthetics of buying attractive park furniture. The commercial seating options and strategic placement of trash receptacles is integral in creating an easy to maintain community environment. An effectively furnished park setting provides a highly streamlined and functional park experience by accomplishing the following:

Park Playground Equipment

What do we mean when we say "park playground equipment"? Typically, the park playground is going to be a play structure that accommodates children ranging from toddlers up to age twelve. We have several playground structures that cater to this crowd specifically because we know that not every park or community center can afford to provide a preschool playground as well as an additional playground for the elementary school aged children. The result is a universal playground that can be used by children of a wider range of ages and abilities.

Custom Playground Equipment also recognizes that unlike school playgrounds, park playgrounds require significantly more public seating options, as most children are accompanied by his or her own adult which significantly increases the need for park furniture near the playground. Our reps are expertly trained in aiding parks in selecting the proper equipment both for the playful youth, as well as their adult spectator counterparts. Call us today for a free quote on the park playground equipment of your choice or to shoot us a few questions during your search for the perfect park playground furnishings.