Question: Affordable Mass Outdoor Seating

The Solution: Bleachers

Possibly the single most economical and logical way to comfortably seat the largest number of spectators is good old-fashioned aluminum bleachers. Whether you need stadium bleachers for outdoor events or gym bleachers that will double as auditorium seating, Custom Playground Equipment can meet your every need. Manufactured right here in the United States and made of the highest quality materials, our steel and / or aluminum bleachers have many custom options available beyond just number of bleacher rows.

Custom-designing your outdoor stadium bleachers has never been easier!

As easy and as as it is to custom design your own aluminum bleachers, there are still some fundamentals you will need to keep in mind during your inevitable bleachers dreams. Be sure to check local codes for aisles, guard rails, ADA or other requirements.

ADA Compliant Aluminum Bleachers

For high school stadium bleachers, the double foot boards are designed to comply with 2012 uniform building codes as well as compliance in meeting 204-R1 standards. That means that all of our high school bleachers with 2 foot boards and 1 riser plank, eliminate space underneath the seating to keep them up to code.

A quick look at your local code standards with inform you of requirements for high school bleachers to have wheel chair cut outs. These cut-outs are ADA school bleacher spaces specifically designed to allow for two wheel chair users and a companion to sit directly beside each wheel chair user. When ordering high school bleachers from Custom Playground Equipment or anyone else, please be sure to check with state, city or local requirements before purchasing bleachers as strict guidelines may apply such as aisles, guard rails, ADA, height, spacing and other requirements. Building codes may vary by year and issuance groups.

Our Massive Selection of Aluminum Bleachers & Portable Bleachers

With portable bleachers for sale year-round, you never have to base your selection on the limited availability of off-season sports bleachers for sale. Our stadium bleachers are so custom adaptable that our online selection only scrapes the surface of what we are capable of providing. Our sports bleachers far exceed the typical football bleachers and baseball bleachers available anywhere.

Our name is "custom" and we live up to it. So if there is any type of bleacher for which you are searching, give us a call at 800-242-0039 and whether your a school, park, church or university, we are ready and excited to accommodate any size crowd and seating capacity. Please contact us with any questions regarding custom steel or aluminum bleachers, designs or pricing. We live to serve!