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Custom Playground Equipment wouldn't be complete if we didn't consider our furry friends! That's why we proudly offer a full line of dog playground play elements to help dogs socialize while they expend some of that wonderful energy during exercise, obedience training, and agility runs. We have numerous doggie-approved play elements that can be arranged in loads of configuration to create a doggy obstacle course to promote balance, agility and fitness in your dog play park.

Our dog park equipment is made with the same quality and high strength components as our commercial playground equipment so you can be confident in your investment into our canine friends. By adding a dog park to your facility you are creating fun gathering places that bring communities together offering human socializing while their pets get much needed exercise. Our commercial grade Dog Park & Playground Equipment is a fun addition to apartment complexes, community parks as well as playgrounds. Built to the highest standards of playground manufacturing, this equipment can often times be used in either your dog parks or for kids playgrounds.

Dog Park Planning

Planning a dog park can become a complicated endeavor if you aren't prepared. The best way to keep the planning simple is to apply this short list of considerations and plan accordingly. Begin your planning by:

Dog Parks & Proper Dog Playground Equipment

We have made this part of Dog Park Planning super easy! Our pre-designed dog agility courses are specially created to offer you everything you need all in your choice of convenient and affordable packages. Our dog park equipment offers various play options to meet the needs of large or small dogs, on or off-leash in a variety of space considerations. Selecting the dog play equipment is a "walk in the park" with our dog park agility packages. And don't worry, these products are also sold separately to build larger or smaller dog parks or to double up on the products the pups really love!

Key Factors in a Successful Dog Park

Beyond the most obvious purchase of the actual doggie play equipment, every dog park needs to consider what the pet owners will need to make either experience as pleasurable as possible. You want to create a dog park that really serves as a great destination for both dogs and their owners. So let's consider some conveniences for the human companions by adding a few handy items to your dog park area. Consider the following:

Predicting Potential Problems

Playground Equipment. While attending you pet playground, many pet owners are also parents and will be bringing their children to play on any available playground equipment. This is a great reason that playground for children and dog park playground often go hand in hand. Consider installing a commercial playground structure for the kiddos to play on while their furry friends enjoy the dog park. This keeps children out of potential danger from animals, while keeping them safe and happily occupied.

Park Benches. Adequate and accessible seating is so important in avoiding potential problems on the dog playground. Without proper park seating options, park goers will improvise by putting strollers, lawn chairs, wheelchairs and other items in the middle of the dog playing fields, opening your visitors up to all kinds of potential risk of injury. It is best to head off the problem before it presents and just spring for lots of park benches.

Picnic Tables. Nothing will cause a scene in a dog park like a pack of dogs swarming people with food. To get out in front of this potential problem, simply add Picnic Tables to the outer area of the dog park. Your fence or enclosure should keep this unwanted activity to a minimum without denying people the enjoyment of an afternoon picnic of sorts. Picnic Table Umbrellas are also a great addition to your picnic tables and offer additional shade as well as a cozy ambiance.

Overall, the importance of owner control and awareness in the dog park setting cannot be over stressed. But to accomplish superior supervision, your pet owners need to feel safe, comfortable, and very provided for; all of which is accomplished in the planning stages of your new dog park! Call our reps today for more advice on building a safe and happy dog park!