Trash Receptacles

Outdoor Trash Receptacles for Safety

Call them waste receptacles, outdoor garbage cans or trash receptacles, but whatever you call them, outdoor trash cans are absolutely necessary especially in public parks and playgrounds. Without the proper commercial garbage containers in place, parks and churches run the potential risk of having a child injured due to exposed hazards in the park trash receptacles. By encouraging our public and private schools and community centers to provide adequate trash containers for paper, food, and other trash we are additionally maintaining a healthy environment which is free from unhealthy and unsanitary waste.

Smart Placement of Your Outdoor Trash Cans

Commercial waste receptacles collect indoor and outdoor waste and when strategically placed throughout your park or play area, trash containers encourage everyone to save the environment, reduce pollution, and lower the risk of disease or illness by properly disposing of their litter. Make sure to take the time to evaluate the most likely locations for trash to accumulate such as near picnic tables and immediately outside building entrance doors of nearly all public and private facilities, and place garbage containers appropriately sized to handle the foot traffic volume.

Commercial-Grade Waste Receptacles

For residential outdoor trash cans, you probably use a tight-fitting lid to prevent curious critters from climbing into the can in search of tasty leftovers. Commercial waste containers have an even more secure ways to prevent creative and curious animal visitors. Our park trash containers have impressive features that will protect your investment in outdoor garbage cans for years to come! The benefits of purchasing commercial outdoor garbage containers are very compelling:

Environmentally Conscious Outdoor Trash Containers

By providing ample outdoor trash cans throughout school campuses, we are teaching our children to respect outdoor spaces just as we respect indoor spaces by implementing preventative measures to keep litter where it belongs. The more often our children see and utilize commercial waste receptacles in the community, the more it will become second nature for them to keep our public parks and playgrounds litter-free. It starts with each of us. If we make it a priority to create clean outdoor space by installing trash receptacles in our neighborhoods, parks and other outdoor recreational locations, our children will inherently adopt our moral imperative.

New Life for Commercial Trash Cans & Liners

Don't forget to grab a few extra trash receptacle liners for bonus, creative uses! Sturdy outdoor waste containers are perfect for providing outside storage opportunities for schools, churches and fitness gyms. Or use them at home to store garden supplies in the garage or hold leaves and yard waste during landscaping clean up days. My grandmother even uses black trash containers to grow potatoes in them.

Use Commercial Garbage Cans to Make a Statement

After selecting your ideal garbage containers from Custom Playground Equipment, be sure to look through our other park & site amenities to find the matching complimenting pieces such as benches, picnic tables and cigarette receptacles. Commercial garbage cans are just a small fraction of the variety of products we offer. Don't see what you want? Give us a call at 800-242-0039 and put us to work in designing you the perfect products for your project!