Fix My Unicorn

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Fix My Unicorn

Model #: CPA-244
Was: $16,495
Now: $14,995
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Required Use Zone: 35' 11" x 36' 3"
Ideal for Ages: 2 - 12 yrs
Maximum Fall Height: 66"
Shipping Weight: 1857 lbs.
Equipment Capacity: 30 children
$349 per month

Nature-Themed Playset for Kids

As unique as a magical unicorn, this fun nature-themed play structure offers the whimsical gift of nature. With the wise owl overlooking the playing children, our 36' x 36' natural playground includes stump jumps and a log tunnel to keep the littlest ones busy with themed ground level play events.

Fix My Unicorn is easily one of our favorite custom kids playgrounds and is versatile enough to accommodate kids from 2 to 12 years of age yet affordable enough for smaller budgets.

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  • Spiral Slide Playground Top View


Plastic Colors
Metal Colors


Playground Slides: 4
Climbers / Stairs: 1
Bridges / Tunnels: 1
Playground Toys / Accessories: 5
Playground Games / Play Panels: 1
Shade / Roofs: 1
Play Decks / Handrails: 4


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