Hakuna Matata

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Hakuna Matata

Model #: CPA-204
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Required Use Zone: 39' x 35' 2"
Ideal for Ages: 2 - 12 yrs
Maximum Fall Height: 60"
Shipping Weight: 3161 lbs.
Equipment Capacity: 32 children

Play on Multiple Slides and Climbers!

Designed with extensive attention to detail in it's intriguing play events, this sweet kids structure boasts large decks and a full selection of color schemes and play features to enhance your school, park or church playground.

Benefits of Playing on the Hakuna Matata Playground

  • Cognitive Awareness: Outdoor fun goes a step beyond with playground play tic-tac-toe and clock panels that emphasize memory recall, time-telling capabilities, problem solving skills, and spark creativity and imagination.
  • Affective Self Evaluation: Hakuna Matata involves three self motivating playground climbers, and five slides which are miracle-workers for stress management & relaxation. The 60" deck is just high enough to teach fear assessment and risk-taking to the little ones.
  • Perceptual Motor Skills: When multiple kids play on the Hakuna Matata commercial playground, they soon learn to think about body awareness, spatial awareness and directional awareness as they move about the play structure.
  • Motor Fitness Abilities: This play structure focuses on building physical capabilities such as power, agility, speed, balance, coordination, grip strength, and vertical & lateral weight shifting make this a great outdoor playground for developing superior muscle tone.
  • Visual Perception Skills: The multiple climbers on the Hakuna Matata Playground are ideal for perceiving weight distribution among hand hold and foot holds.
  • This inspiring playground will banish the worries of every child! This "no worries" play structure combines creativity with an unparalleled approach to dramatic play. Our Hakuna Matata playground is as fun and exciting as Timone and Pumba, themselves!

    • Hakuna Matata Playgrounds with No Worries!
    • Hakuna Matata Playgrounds with No Worries!
    • Hakuna Matata Playgrounds with No Worries! Top View


    Post Colors
    Blow-mold Colors
    Roto-mold Colors


    Playground Slides: 5
    Climbers / Climbing Walls: 3
    Playground Games / Play Panels: 5
    Shade / Roofs: 4
    Multi-Deck Play Structure: 5


    Double Wide Playground Slides
    Single Wave Playground Slide
    Bamboo Arch Climber
    Paw Print Playground Climber
    Pod Compact Climber
    Bamboo Safety Panel
    Tic-Tac-Toe Playground Games
    Treehouse Clock Time Telling Panel
    Treehouse Peek-a-Boo Bubble Panel
    Treehouse Stump Window Panel
    Clubhouse Playhouse Roof
    Flower Play Structure Topper
    Treehouse Playhouse Roof
    60" Deck Height
    48" Deck Height
    36" Deck Height


    Playground Flooring Buyer Guide


    100 year limited on aluminum & steel upright posts
    100 year limited on post caps & clamps
    100 year limited on hardware
    15 year limited on rails, rungs, rigid climbers, loops & decks
    5 year limited on all moving parts
    3 year limited on all blow molded plastic components
    1 year limited on all other materials or parts
    Playground Equipment Certifications