Church Playground Equipment (2-12)

Playgrounds for Kids 2 to 12 Years Old

Many public playground equipment is meant to be used by children from preschool to school aged. Our park and church playground equipment is not only designed for this broad age range of children, but these church play structures are also designed to fit into the often limited budgets of these facilities. Many times for both financial reasons and spacial reasons, churches are not able to address this issue in the same way that school playgrounds and preschool playground equipment do. Separate church play structures for different age groups are quite often simply not an option.

Incorporating such a wide age range of children can be difficult to do, but fortunately when it comes to an accommodating playground, we have got you covered. While looking through the church playground equipment available from Custom Playground Equipment, you'll notice that the church play structures have been created and designed to meet the needs of both age groups be using such elements as self-governing climbers and designated age areas on each structure. Our church and park playground equipment is in compliance with guidelines for both the preschool and school-aged children age groups, so feel free to select any of our beautiful park and church playground equipment and rest assured that your needs are our number one concern.

Church Playgrounds as Community Resources

We have experience in the industry and experience in faith-based organizations and worship centers so we understand that this consumer base has very specific needs for their church play structures. Not only that, but we know that these groups are an integral addition to each community as they have a uniquely influential role in the lives and overall development of our precious children. By adding or updating your church playground equipment, your church will be benefiting and enriching the religious experiences of the many youth in your congregation. Additionally, your church will be providing a valuable resource to the community by offering a safe, wholesome environment to "let the children come" and enjoy an age-specific fellowship among believers.

Purchasing new or updated church playground equipment also offers your church a new opportunity for your congregation to get the community involved while optimizing your evangelizing opportunities during any fund raising ventures. Just think of the lives you could reach with your new church playground equipment project!

Church Play Structures for Kids' Health & Fitness

An added benefit to incorporating playgrounds into the mix for your congregational youth, is their health. Providing fitness play equipment reinforces the importance of physical health as well as spiritual health. Whether you believe your body is a temple or a gift, instilling value in fitness among our children goes hand in hand with spiritual growth.

Youth Fellowship on the Church Playground

Engaging the young members of the congregation in church activities and functions can be a real challenge. But religious socialization and fellowship happen naturally when an exciting church play structure is entered into the picture. Kids learn to cooperate and respect one another while learning to take turns and treat their neighbor as they would like to be treated.