Forest Frenzy


Forest Frenzy

Model #: CPS-775
Was: $45,995
Now: $39,995
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Playset Use Zone: 62' 8" x 46' 7"
Ideal For Kids Ages: 5 - 12 yrs
Max. Playscape Capacity: 80 children

Huge Jungle Themed Playground Set for Kids

The alluring beauty of this large jungle themed playset is a ideal way to provide children a sprawling outdoor play space without color distracting from mother nature. A few of the fantastic features include:

  • Transparent Sectional Spiral Tunnel Slide
  • Transparent Sectional Tube Slide
  • Double stacked hexagonal play decks
  • Four freestanding activities including animal themed climbers

This incredible play structure is certain to be the talk of the town and will have all the grown-ups wishing to be kids again. Call us today to get your free quote on shipping and installation!

On Sale
  • Forest Frenzy Jungle Themed Playground Equipment
  • Forest Frenzy back of large playset
  • Top View on White (Forest Frenzy) Nature Theme
  • Huge Jungle Themed Playground Set for Kids
  • Forest Frenzy Top View
  • Forest Frenzy Large Playground structure


Plastic Colors
Metal Colors


Playground Slides: 6
Climbers / Stairs: 6
Overhead Ladders / Monkey Bars: 1
Bridges / Tunnels: 2
Playground Bouncers / Spinners: 1
Playground Toys / Accessories: 2
Shade / Roofs: 3
Play Decks / Handrails: 5


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