Deckless Playgrounds

Deckless Playgrounds

We at Custom Playground Equipment are known for a wide and exciting variety of specially customized play equipment and play structures to meet the needs of public playgrounds, school yards, churches and community centers or parks. One of the newest iterations of ever-evolving commercial playground equipment is the introduction of deckless play systems. These commercial-grade play structures present new and interesting challenges to children from toddlers to school-aged children. These play systems are composed primarily of unique climbing events that challenge kids in new ways with a more fitness-forward play design. As often recommended by occupational therapists, these climbing inspired structures are ideal for children with physical limitations as they inherently enhance playtime for children with all abilities. The playground climbers in this series are particularly beneficial for kids by playfully introducing elements such as:

  • Weight distribution and balance among hand hold and foot holds
  • Strength, balance and coordination used in tandem
  • Self-motivation for kids to challenge themselves
  • Vertical & lateral weight shifting as the children play
  • Developing superior muscle tone during recess time
  • ADA Playground Equipment

    In addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, deckless systems are particularly accommodating by providing superior wheelchair accessibility, thus accommodating children of all needs and capabilities. You see, traditionally, incorporating wheelchair accessible playground equipment meant buying very specified, very expensive equipment which could only be utilized by one child at a time, such as ADA accessible swings, sand diggers, and other such solitary activities. But with an entirely ground-level playground, the fun and activity is all inclusive!

    The various different types of custom commercial playground equipment, challenge kids both mentally and physically. Our customizable playgrounds are specially designed to meet existing skill levels, while challenging children to grow and develop increased skills through exciting outdoor play structures.