Preschool Playground Equipment (2-5)

At Custom Playground Equipment, our playground consultants and web support team realizes that all preschool playground equipment is not created equal. When seeking out preschool playground equipment for ages 2-5, you must consider the skill level and learning objectives of children in this age group and make playground purchasing decisions accordingly. Preschool & toddler swing set equipment from Custom Playground Equipment is specifically designed for the abilities of preschool aged, little children. Bearing in mind their developmental needs, our compilation of preschool and daycare playgrounds will challenge but not overwhelm them as they build and refine their gross motor skills during recess.

Transitioning From Preschool Playgrounds to School

Because preschool is such an important part of a child's development, before the introduction into the formal school setting of the kindergarten classroom, daycare equipment sets the stage for developmental success. Child development on the preschool playground or toddler swing set is the beginning of a new phase of play for every child. When toddlers are enrolled in and actively participate in preschool activities, they become more engaged in the social and educational settings at a younger age and are thus much better prepared for the transition into the typical school environment and school playgrounds.

This is precisely why pre-kindergarten registration rates, and proportionally daycare equipment sales have more than tripled in the past decade. Besides, we all remember so fondly that the best time of the day for most children, toddlers through teens is recess! We know and celebrate this universal truth and is committed to encouraging your students to make the most of it by creating unique and intriguing preschool playground equipment for parks and recreation facilities as well as commercial quality school & church playground equipment for commercial or residential use.

Inclusive Play on the Preschool Playground

Our play structures are specially designed to not only meet the existing skill levels of preschool and daycare enrolled children, but to set a challenging standard which these children can aspire to and achieve with confidence. Even such daycare equipment as basic as a toddler swing set can enable children to grow and develop increased skills through unstructured activities of outdoor recess time. Our exciting indoor & outdoor preschool playgrounds are organized by age, to keep kids within the safety parameters of age appropriate play activities.

Age Appropriate Toddler Playgrounds

Early childhood daycare equipment and toddler swing set equipment is consistent with low fall heights that provide multiple exit and entry points so preschool kiddos can take breaks as needed. Preschool playgrounds also offer numerous ground-level and hands-on activities which encourage kids age 2-5 to engage in intellectually interactive play while including safety aspects such as incorporating plenty of hand holds, bumpers, and protective elements for added safety value.

While browsing our preschool & school playground equipment, remember that in working with our custom playground designers, you have every resource available to you to make your daycare equipment / playground ideas a reality. This includes honing in on the needs and preferences of your facility, as well as other important factors to consider such as ADA guidelines and requirements for inclusive play environment or toddler swing set. Fortunately, you can leave the details of compliance up to our highly trained team and rest assured that nearly all of our outdoor play equipment meets or exceeds ADA guidelines for inclusive playground. The few exceptions to this are only to accommodate lower price points so we have something to offer to any facility with any budget constraints.

Why Buy from Custom Playground Equipment

You can find an affordable toddler swing set or whimsical preschool playground equipment for sale all over the web, but not knowing the reputation of the company you are buying from can be a concern for many consumers. For this reason, we can offer with certainly that our daycare & park playground equipment is all thoroughly factory inspected and manufactured by members in good standing with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the International Play Equipment Manufacturer's Association, the American Society for Testing and Materials, and the National Recreation and Park Association.

Preschool Playground Safety Surfacing

Any preschool structure or toddler swing set is a relatively large purchasing decision to make, but be sure not to underestimate the value of playground safety surfacing. Especially when it comes to ensuring the protection of our youngest playground users, safe & effective playground surfacing is absolutely critical for the successful preschool playground. We want our daycare equipment to inspire preschoolers to focus on learning about teamwork, sharing, and social interaction with others kids age; not learning about broken bones from taking a spill from our daycare equipment. Updating your preschool playgrounds is a huge step in prevention of kids getting snagged on dangerous or outdated preschool playgrounds. But safety surfacing is key in preventing the more than 80% of school recess injuries that result from falls from daycare equipment.

Physical & Developmental Benefits of Preschool Play Structures

Preschool playgrounds are meant to provide fun, and activity driven to helps children stay energetic and fit. Proper outdoor preschool and recess equipment facilitates this important growth factor by utilizing engaging and interactive play panels in the design elements of our daycare equipment. Even on a toddler swing set, there is much to be gleaned by these young preschool aged children as they learn about social interaction just as much as when they cooperate on seesaws and so many other types of indoor and outdoor play equipment.

Don't forget, no matter what age group of kids and even adults, we have the quality fitness equipment and fitness play equipment to meet everyone's needs. We are your one-stop recreation source for commercial playsets, sports, fitness and recreation equipment.