Corkscrew Aztec Climber


Corkscrew Aztec Climber

Model #: CLS-134
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Required Use Zone: 54' 9" x 20' 2"
Actual Size: 42' 9" x 8' 2"
Ideal for Ages: 5 - 12 yrs
Shipping Weight: 1411 lbs.
Equipment Capacity: 45 children
$303 per month

Not only does the Corkscrew Aztec climber offer physical challenges, but it also introduces young explorers to the world of the Aztec language. The plastic panels are adorned with Aztec symbols representing nine of the 20 days of the Aztec calendar, along with "Snake"and "King Axayacatl," which are common parts of Aztec mythology and history. When creating this climbing event, we wanted to combine play with learning to stimulate young minds both physically and mentally. We created a curriculum that provides teachers with the tools they need to present the Aztec symbol language to their students. Studies have shown that children learn more readily when the combine fun activities with their classroom curriculum. The symbols molded into the climbing panels offer more than just the standard “teeming” found on most playgrounds. Teachers can invent new ways to utilize the symbols into their class work creating even more educational opportunities.

The Aztec Climber (Corkscrew) offers the greatest play value in the playground industry. With 6 large panels orientated in a horizontal fashion, more than 45 children can play on this climbing event. Given the horizontal placement of the panels, children are challenged to not only climb in a vertical, but sideways (laterally) as well. Lateral climbing skills employ different muscles and build a new skill set unlike a traditional, vertical climber. While vertical climbers are still popular, they do not offer the increased play surface of the horizontal climber thus allowing more children to play simultaneously. Many playground planners like the fact that the horizontal climbers are not too tall and yet still pique the interest of young climbers.

The Corkscrew Aztec Climber is made of durable double walled rotationally molded plastic. Rotationally molded polyethylene plastic has set new standards in the playground industry as a durable, long lasting alternative to wood and steel. The Aztec panels feature a realistic stone coloring to further enhance the old world theme. With little to no maintenance required (only on the plastic), the plastic panels will offer years of service and play opportunities.

Materials: All climbers shall be molded from linear low-density polyethylene with ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers, antistatic guard and color molded in. Steel supports shall be 5" OD powder coated with stainless steel hardware. All units will mount via "inground" installation.



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