Playground Shade Structures

Shade Structures for Commercial Use

Shade structures are becoming necessities for so many of the parks, churches, schools and daycares that we serve. To meet and exceed your expectations for fun and sun-safe recreation, we offer a large variety of shade styles from square shades, rectangle shades, hexagon shades and even umbrella-style shades or basic umbrellas to cover a single picnic table. Another option that's becoming popular is the reto-fitted playground shade that affixes directly on top of your existing play structure!

Every shade structure or sun shade we offer is of top quality commercial grade components and are all designed for use in commercial settings specifically park shade structures and school sun shades. Each shade canopy is designed with heavy duty steel posts which are rated to hurricane-force winds, and the fabric components are made to endure the wear and tear of years of exposure to the elements. If you are looking for sun canopies that are designed for long-life use, we recommend buying commercial grade and your search ends with Custom Playground Equipment.

What Kind Of Shade Structure Do I Need?

When figuring out which size and style of shade would best fit your needs and budget, we recommend that you measure your outdoor space and figure out the dimensions of the area you want to cast shadow over. Be sure to account for shadows moving as the sun moves throughout the day. This information will help you decide where the in-ground posts need to be mounted in the ground. When calculating shade height, please bear in mind that the height listed on each shade is the entry height and will increase toward the middle with the mid-points being as much as 3 to 4 feet higher than the outside edge.

Need more info? Call us today to discuss your shade structure needs and we can help you determine the size, shape and style of shade that will fit your needs and your budget!