Playground Surfaces

Nearly 90% of Playground Surfaces are Considered Unsafe

The vast majority of these playgrounds were at one time compliant with safety regulations, but over the course of time combined with the natural wear and tear on the playground surfacing, playgrounds become unsafe. The main culprit are improper maintenance and natural decomposition of playground surfacing over time.The primary types of playground flooring that fall into this category are sand, pea gravel, or wood mulch. The alternative to these surfacing options is to invest in a more permanent solution to proper playground flooring; one requiring little to no maintenance.

In fact, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), nearly 200,000 emergency room visits occur each year from playground related injuries. While this statistic certainly packs a punch for shock value, parents of children under 14 years old are probably not all that surprised. It is much more surprising how privileged this vital safety information has become but understandably so in a world of frivolous lawsuits.

Besides, when our children are in harm's way, we cannot afford to settle for anything less than the ultimate in safety especially on our park playground equipment and school playgrounds. Not to mention the fact that quality playground surfacing ultimately pays for itself within just 2-3 years. In considering the inexpensive alternatives you may be surprised to discover that after factoring in the costs of material, delivery & installation ...our available playground surfaces actually SAVE you time & money, and you will reap the benefits for years to come.

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We offer a number of solutions to playground surfaces to meet the needs of your facility. When you speak with our Playground Consultants, you will quickly see that they are specially trained to determine the best playground surfacing to fit your budgetary needs as well as your preferences. Call us today to discover the perfect playground surface for your playground equipment project.

Why Synthetic Grass or Rubber Poured-In-Place Surfacing?

While we do offer engineered wood fiber mulch for those who are looking for wood mulch, we do strongly encourage our clients to consider other, more advanced options so we can save you time, injuries, headache and eventually even money! Neither rubber playground surfacing nor synthetic turf will attract termites, animals and other pests that old-fashioned mulch may attract. Our rubber playground flooring products also do not contain wires or other potentially injury-causing materials including splinters which are so often caused by mulch playgrounds of old.

  • Exceeds ADA guidelines for wheelchair accessibility
  • No Maintenance: No periodic leveling or raking
  • Doesn't deteriorate or decompose
  • Never causes splinters
  • Does not sustain fungus or mold growth
  • Does not absorb pesticides, emit odors or attract insects or vermin

Rubber poured-in-place or synthetic turf are certainly the best choices for particular types of playground equipment. Consider the average commercial swing set and the inherent wear under the swing. If your playground surface is a loose-fill option such as wood or rubber mulch, you will likely need to purchase rubber mats to combat mulch displacement under the swings. The base of a commercial slide is also highly susceptible to shifts in mulch placement, which can be remedied with the placement of rubber playground mats or with regular raking with a simple garden rake. By saving you time and mulch refill costs, turf or poured-in-place surfacing is more affordable than you may think. However, because playground surfaces are 100% custom, please go ahead and call our knowledgeable Playground Consultants for a custom surfacing quote for your playground, fitness trail, field sports or any other use! Call now to get a quote 1-800-242-0039

Poured-In-Place Rubber Playground Flooring

#1 Safest Playground Fall Safety Surface! Poured-in-place rubber surfacing and synthetic turf are fantastic choices for essentially eliminated the potential choking hazards commonly associated with playground mulches. Poured rubber abounds with advantages over other playground surfacing options. Once you invest in Poured-in-place surfacing you get:

  • 100% unique custom design
  • Professional & trustworthy installation
  • Retains the rich color and look throughout the life of the surfacing
  • Easiest wheelchair accessible surfacing
  • Meets all non-flammability standards
  • Colorant and rubber are non-toxic
  • Colorant does not rub off on shoes, hands or clothing
  • A five year warranty
  • Virtually eliminates the need for maintenance
  • Never requires topping off
  • Can be repaired if ever damaged
  • In our opinion, Poured-In-Place is the very best safety surfacing in the industry!

Rubber poured-in-place surfacing is the most customizable playground flooring option on the market today. Pour-in-place offers virtually limitless design possibilities and with our creative Playground Designers available at your disposal, we can create an intriguing play environment for children and adults alike. Choose from our available colors or create a custom color to match your logo or mascot! Maybe you want to highlight a specific play structure or other playground equipment in your project. Poured-in-place or PIP safety surfacing can create dramatic effects in accentuating our exciting playground equipment & playground toys.

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Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds

When we mention artificial turf for playground carpeting, we find that many customers have not even considered that an option. But if you think about it, the protective cushioning of synthetic turf is so effective that 30 out of the 32 US professional football fields use artificial turf to protect their athletes. With this fact in mind, Custom Playground Equipment highly recommends synthetic turf as an ideal solution for kids' fitness play equipment surfacing.

Synthetic turf has a number of unique benefits of which most of are clients are wholly unaware. Artificial grass:

  • Keeps the playgrounds and playing fields up to 30 degrees cooler
  • Coupled with sub-base, provides cushioning impact protection
  • Kills potentially harmful microbes and bacteria like staphylococcus & streptococcus
  • Maintains the beauty and look of the day it was installed
  • Easily wheelchair accessible surfacing
  • An outstanding ten-year warranty
  • Virtually eliminates the need for maintenance
  • Never requires topping off
  • All around one of the best safety surfacing choices in the industry!

Whether your synthetic turf needs are for a professional sports field or for playground equipment, Custom Playground Equipment is here to get you a reasonable quote, quickly. Call today for a quote on synthetic turf: 1-800-242-0039

Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds at Schools, Churches, and Parks

If you are looking for a more affordable solution to safety surfaces, rubber mulch might be just what you need under your play structures. Crumb rubber mulch is also a great idea for surfacing under your kids climbing wall because we all know it's not a matter of if they fall, but how to protect them when they do.

For more than a century, rubber mulch has been used as an environmentally beneficial option for disposing of more than 280 million vehicle tires which are generated every year in the U.S. Along with rubber mulch, dozens of other products are made from recycled tire rubber. Although concerns have been raised regarding the potentially harmful chemicals involved in the manufacturing process of these tires, the chemical composition of recycled tire rubber mulch and its effect on humans, has been extensively studied and has consistently determined rubber mulch to be safe.

  • Won't wash or blow away in the wind or rain which means less maintenance
  • Less maintenance than wood mulch and no continuous refilling
  • Meets ADA requirements for playground surfacing compliance
  • Uses 100% eco-friendly recycled tire rubber
  • Tested and proven to be safe even if ingested by children or pets
  • Doesn't absorb moisture or chemicals
  • Has been tested and meets ADA compliance guidelines

The National Program for Playground Safety strongly recommends that schools, churches, parks and recreation officials and even parents start to take a more proactive stance regarding the installation and upkeep of adequate playground safety surfaces. These officials and other adults are not expected to become certified playground safety inspectors, but they can certainly visually inspect the playground surfaces regularly. When conducting your visual inspection, look for appropriate surfaces at adequate depths. Any safety problems should be reported to the facility immediately to be sure that children do not play on unsafe surfaces. If you have questions about or need guidance concerning proper playground surfaces, call Custom Playground Equipment at 800.242.0039 to talk to a Playground Consultant & Safety Surfacing Specialist.

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