Kids Climbers

The Natural Climbing Instinct

As rock climbing recreation continues to climb in popularity, it should come as no surprise that children are drawn to the same types of enticing climbing challenges that outdoor athletes find so tempting. As it turns out, climbing is actually largely instinctive among all of us. The innate climbing impulse is evident from the first steps a child takes as wobbling infants, when she sees the world as our own personal climbing walls. Even as adults, we go to gyms and use equipment that simulates stair climbing and rock climbing. From the fireman's pole to the overhead ladders (which by the way, is the new, politically correct name for monkey bars), kids love all sorts of climbing play. Not only that, but climbing comes naturally for us which is why the preschool playground equipment and school playgrounds we design for children are mindfully intended to embrace that instinct to climb.

Why Climbing Playgrounds are Excellent for Child Development

Increase the element of fitness in your existing playground by adding more climbers and climbing wall structures. This type of playground equipment is a great way for kids to stretch those muscles and work on balance as they scale the kids' climbers. Plus, it stretches your playground play value while keeping your budget balanced! Climbing play also teaches perseverance, as well as determination, concentration and mutual understanding. Due to the limitless variety of stretches and movements it provides, a playground climbing wall is ever exciting and free from the monotony of repetitive play. Most children are natural climbers. Like a curious cat exploring the world around him, a child discovers new climbing opportunities and challenges around every corner. By complimenting your school or park playground equipment with age-appropriate climbers or climbing walls, kids can enjoy their natural climbing instinct in a safe environment. Climbing playgrounds have so many benefits because they are created with child safety and adult supervision in mind. Kids derive great benefit from regularly presented climbing play equipment and with enough practice, they become quite adept at it.

Kids' Climber Safety

Watching young children testing their climbing play skills is particularly exciting to see that they are developing skills appropriately. The danger presents as they begin climbing on anything and everything available. By providing playground equipment climbers, we give children full reign of their desire to climb without compromising their safety in any way. What is often difficult for kids to understand is that their fear assessment is not necessarily mastered, so while we can expect a tumble or two, kids can be quite shocked. The best strategy to appease all parties is to be prepared. It is always a good idea to have an outdoor climber or climbing wall available so the children can safely explore their limitations in a structured setting.

Playground Climbers as Fitness Play Structures

Also referred to as fitness play equipment or activity gyms, playground climbers appear in some form on all types of public commercial playgrounds. Most daycares & preschools, elementary & middle schools, parks & community centers have alluring play structures as well as playground climbing walls that attract children by the truck load, and it's not by accident. Playground climbers are perfect, all-encompassing playground equipment for kids of all ages. Kids just run up to a climber and scale it; no special training, encouragement or discouragement; he is just a kid on a climber in his own little world.

Ideas to Complement your Playground Climbers

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