Spring Riders

Spring Riders are so much fun! Incorporating the commercial playground spring rider into your playground planning is a definite must! After all, no playground is complete without the simple joy a spring rider brings to a child. But spring riders are so much more psychologically enhancing play equipment than they may seem at first glance. Their complexity lies in understanding how and why they are such desirable assets to both residential and commercial playgrounds.

What is a Spring Rider?

Typically designed for children ages two through five, a playground spring rider or bouncer is a highly popular outdoor play component of the classic school playgrounds. The signature feature of these exciting play elements is the centrally located industrial strength metal spring which provides a bobbling and bouncing motion that children adore. Conditioning children both physically and mentally, spring riders encourage playful and energetic activity by using the inertia of the child to perpetuate a bouncing and rocking motion while incorporating muscle development. Fitted with one to four fiberglass or plastic seats, each of these spring riders can accommodate two or more children at once which facilitates the mastery of cooperation and socialization skills. Multi-child Spring Riders come in several interesting designs from standard bouncers to seesaw type spring riders. The Single Spring Riders are available in the most colorful animal and vehicle designs. With so many spring riders to choose from, you may opt to create an entire spring rider play area for several kids to use them at one time. Please contact us today for assistance choosing the right spring riders to compliment your new or existing church or park playground equipment.

Spring Rider ADA Accessibility

There is now great news for children with disabilities! They are now protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which has implemented minimum accessibility requirements for all public playgrounds from preschool playground equipment to church playground equipment. This comprehensive civil rights law is enforced by the Department of Justice and includes specified guidelines and requirements for newly constructed and altered play areas. By including a playground spring rider among your chosen playground equipment, your facility is satisfying the ground-level play components requirement. Spring riders are considered ground level because the child may approach, ride and then exit directly back onto the accessible route. The hand grips on a spring rider are also wonderful ADA features as they provide torso support for a handicapped rider.

Developmental Benefits of Spring Riders

Commercial playground spring rider toys offer a uniquely challenging experience for our younger playground enthusiasts by demanding numerous developmental skills such as: balance & coordination; socialization; muscle development; problem-solving; creativity; grip strength; upper body strength; and rhythmic movement. Integrating spring riders as fitness play equipment offers young children a safe playground activity that is just a bit more challenging than traditional ground-level play events while building muscle tone.

Our Spring Riders Meet the Safety Standards

All of our play equipment including every spring rider, is certified for commercial use in schools & preschools, park & recreation centers and even churches playgrounds. For optimal safety for every playground, be sure to utilize safety surfacing under all playground equipment, structures, and spring riders.