ADA Compliant Playground Half Ramp


ADA Compliant Playground Half Ramp

Model #: ADA-925
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Actual Size: 72" x 47"
Shipping Weight: 92 lbs.

The ADA ramp is required for public playground ADA compliance. This half ramp is designed to mount independent of the playground borders. Provides an ADA/Wheelchair accessible entrance to the playground while offering a clear point of entry and exit as well. Each ADA half ramp includes (2) each 4" and 6" filler ends as well as the necessary spikes for installation. For use with 8", 9", or 12" high borders.

  • New design compatible with 8", 9" and 12" high playground borders
  • Slip-Resistant “textured” ramp
  • Takes the place of (1) existing playground border for retro-fit installations
  • Black and recycled
  • 72 3/8" by 47 3/8" by 12" high
  • ADA Compliant Playground Half Ramp
  • ada-compliant-plastic-half-ramp