Teeter Totter Learning

The developmental benefits of the commercial seesaw come as a shock to many of us who have taken for granted all we have learned from our fond seesaw memories. The teeter totter is one of the only pieces of playground equipment to offer age-appropriate challenges for multiple age groups. The adaptability of the seesaw is what has allowed it to endure throughout playground toy evolution. For example, a seesaw for kids ages 2 to 5 years old mostly focuses on balance and vertical motion. Children may also pick up some risk-assessment skills as well, but the majority of the benefits are spatially related such as understanding movement through space, concepts like gravity and inertia although not formally taught for some years later. The lessons learned on the schoolyard teeter totter are ones that will be built upon for years to come. The knowledge gained through seesaw use, is something that begins a lifelong journey of discovery and understanding of basic science, all the way to complex physics! Talk about a wonderful head-start opportunity!

A Seesaw To Add Play Value

The addition of the classic commercial seesaw brings new elements of play for preschool kids through middle school-aged kiddos, by offering added play value to your existing school yard playground. Especially in the commercial playground setting, by incorporating a playground seesaw you encourage children to interact in a healthy way while maximizing the play space.

Commercial Seesaw Safety Standards

Since it is not possible to completely remove the element of danger on playground equipment, we must consider the relative safety of a playground component. We all remember getting catapulted off the school seesaw at one point of another when the heavier kid exited the teeter totter. And while there are numerous iterations of the commercial teeter totter available these days, you can rest assured that each and every seesaw for sale by Custom Playground Equipment, has met or exceeded both IPEMA and ASTM commercial playground safety standards. Simply stated, this means that if your playground is in proper compliance with the recommended safety standards (most importantly adequate safety surfacing), the risk of injury is greatly minimized for all of your playground equipment, including the teeter totter for kids.

The Multi-Rider Seesaw Craze

There have been some exciting changes to the typical seesaw playground equipment as we once knew it. The old school seesaw has undergone an incredible morph and now boasts multiple seating seesaw options! Now only was the side-by-side teeter totter an inspiration, but from it was born the multi-rider teeter totter turned spring rider! Check out our exciting seesaw selection and you'll be amazed by the innovation of a seesaw for 3 kids or even a teeter totter for 4 children! This forward-thinking design of teeter totters for multiple children to use at one time, greatly encourages the concepts of team work and socialization as well as coordination and cooperation with one another. Although the intrinsic value of such seemingly basic playground equipment has yet to be paralleled, the overwhelmingly winning factor continues to be in the endless fun of the classic seesaw.