Toddler Swing Sets

Commercial Swingsets For Todders

We realize that all toddler swing sets are not created equal. When seeking out preschool swing sets for ages 2-5, you must consider the size, weight, and skill level of children in this age group and make playground purchasing decisions accordingly. Our preschool & toddler swing set equipment is specifically designed to meet the needs of preschool aged, little children. Various heights of top bars are available to adjust the fulcrum of the swing range. This is ideal for young children to ease into the idea of trusting the swing to support them.

Toddler Swing Seats

There are so many varieties of baby swings and toddler swings that the selection can become overwhelming. To make it easier, let's just focus on the two main swing seat options for toddler swing sets: the full bucket infant swing and the half bucket toddler swing. Both are excellent choices for daycare applications, but each serves specific needs of the children. The full bucket swing seat is considered the best match for infants and babies who are unable to support themselves because they lack the torso strength to sit up while in motion. Whereas, the half bucket swing seats are designed for the more advanced toddler who is able to fully support themselves in the sitting position, but is still learning to master the swinging action. The ideal preschool playground would offer both types of swing seats.

How Toddlers Swing & Learn

Considering the ever-changing developmental needs of your toddlers and preschoolers, our selection of daycare and preschool swing sets will challenge but not frighten them as they build confidence and enjoy the adrenaline rush of swinging through the air. By introducing toddlers to the outdoor environment of preschool swing sets, you can provide them a whole new way to learn while playing. Recess for preschoolers can now incorporate challenges presented by the toddler swing such as balance, spacial awareness, gravity, and even inertia.

Toddler Swings for Fitness

Muscle development is another huge advantage to having toddler swingsets on the daycare playground. Considering the number of overweight and even obese children in this country, toddler swings are a fantastic way to encourage fitness at a very young age. The full body motion of pumping the legs, back, and abs while pulling with the arms is an outstanding aerobic workout. Couple that with the increased grip strength and refined gross motor skills, and toddler swingsets become a truly critical attraction for every preschool playground. Our daycare swings are specially designed to meet the existing skill levels of preschoolers as well as set a challenging standard to which these children can aspire and achieve with confidence. Even such daycare equipment as basic as a toddler swing set can enable children to grow and develop increased skills at recess.

Quality Toddler Swing Set Equipment

You can find an affordable toddler swing set or whimsical preschool playground equipment for sale all over the web, but not knowing the reputation of the company you are buying from can be a concern for many consumers. For this reason, we can offer with certainly that our daycare equipment is all thoroughly factory inspected and manufactured by members in good standing with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the International Play Equipment Manufacturer's Association, the American Society for Testing and Materials, and the National Recreation and Park Association.